Performance Workshops

Part of Dance Dynamics' mission is to enhance confidence of all students and people attending our courses. Our performance workshops have shown to dramatically improve the confidence of participants, not only on a stage, but also in their 'real lives'. We have decided to combine all of our teacher's knowledge, training and skills to offer you some fabulous performance courses. The workshops normally last for 2 hours.

Drama Workshops

Confidence building through the use of acting is central to this workshop in which we use drama based exercises to merge with dance styles techniques. Pupils will engage with various characters and are encouraged to explore facets of their own personalities through this course to develop their own individual stage persona. Great for anybody wanting to perform on stage and in any style of dance from burlesque, belly dance, musical theatre to pop performances.

Lights! Camera! Glamour!

Theatrical Makeup and Tricks of the Trade

This workshop incorporates how to apply theatrical makeup. Have you ever wanted to learn how to look like a sultry pinup, showgirl, 70s dancer or even a seductive Egyptian belly dancer? In this workshop you will learn how to do just that. We will take you through the basics on how to achieve that perfect look. We will also go through some tips and tricks to assist you on how to achieve a beautiful everyday look and what would work best for your facial features.

Quick Changes, Costume Pre-Set and Stage Direction

In this workshop you will learn how to set your costumes properly for shows, events and for those dreaded quick changes. You will learn about stage directions and etiquette and the does and don'ts when performing on stage. You will need to bring plenty of costumes/outfits to practice your quick changes


Open Dance Audition Workshop

Are you looking to attend dance auditions and not sure what to expect or are you just curious at what goes on at an open audition? On this workshop we will take you through a mock audition for a dancer on either a cabaret dance group on a cruise liner, working abroad or in the UK.

On this workshop you will:


  • Learn about the real world of professional dance auditions
  • Learn about interview techniques, resumes/CV and surviving the dance world
  • Be taught at least 2 dance combos, have a mock audition and receive feedback

We will also cover:

  • Appropriate audition attire
  • What it's like in the real dance world
  • What to bring to auditions
  • How to survive in the major cities as an entertainer
  • How to network, promote yourself
  • How to find out about auditions for different venues: Cruise Ships, Broadway, Theme Parks, Music Videos, Dance Teams, Ballet & Modern Companies, etc

Dates of Workshops: See timetable page

Costs: See course payment page

As soon as we have received your booking, we will then supply you with a simple list of items to bring with you. All of the workshops are available to everybody!